Q: Where do the animals available through Happy Tails come from?

A:   HTR primarily works with owner surrendered pets. However, some of the animals may be strays, come from Veterinary offices, or are

     pulled from animal shelters.


Q:  How do I contact Happy Tails about surrendering my pet?

A:   Please refer to our home page and click on the "“Contact Information"” button.


Q:  How does surrendering my pet work?  

A:   After contacting HTR, we will set up a meeting with you and your pet to determine which foster home would be the best match or

     how we can help.  If we have available space, you would then fill out a few forms (Surrender Agreement & Pet Information) and set up

     a time to transfer your pet into a foster home. If we do not have available space, we can work with you in other ways to find a home

     for your animal.


Q:  What if your group has no open space?

A:   When this is the case, HTR will offer to courtesy post your pet and work with you to find them a new home.


Q:  What is a courtesy post?

A:   HTR can post your pet on our website along with posting on PetFinder.com while you continue to house the animal. You simply

     provide some basic information on your pet along with some pictures. You can either have HTR process adoption applications for your

     pet or our volunteers can direct any inquiries to you.


Q:  How do I donate to Happy Tails?  What can I donate?

A:   Please refer to our home page and click on the “How You Can Help” button.


Q:  How can I meet one of the rescue animals?

A:   There are a few ways to go about this. 

     1.   You can check the pet's information (bio) page to see if they will be at our weekly Meet & Greet events.

     2.   Look for the contact information on their bio page and check to see if the animal will be there the weekend you plan to visit.

     3.   Call/email a day or two before making the trip to the Meet & Greet event to ensure the pet will be there.


Q:  What does the adoption fee cover?

A:   Current vaccinations up to time of adoption, spay/neuter, fecal test (and treatment if needed), heartworm testing (for puppies/dogs

      in rescue that are over 6 months old), microchip (dogs), and Feline Leukemia/FIV test (cats).


Q:  How does the adoption process work?

A:   The adoption process can vary from animal to animal.  However, the basic process is:

     1.   Fill out an adoption application.

     2.   The HTR Board will review the applications to find the one or ones that are best suited for that animal.

     3.   A veterinary reference is done to verify that any current (or previous) animals are/were up-to-date on shots and spayed/neutered.      4.   If the vet referral goes well, the rescue will set up a time to bring the animal to your home for a visit.  However, this does not

          guarantee an adoption.

     5.   If there is more than one qualified application, the rescue may decide to do home visits with each applicant.

     6.   Once a home has been chosen, the rescue will contact you to let you know.

     7.   If you’ve been chosen to adopt the animal, the rescue will schedule a time to finalize the adoption.


Q:  How does Happy Tails determine which applicant will be able to adopt the animal?

A:    In every case, we try to match the needs and personality of each animal to the applicant who is most capable of meeting those



Q:  Does filling out an adoption application obligate me to adopt the animal?

A:    No, filling out an adoption application does not obligate you to adopt.


Q:  How long does the adoption process take?

A:   The process usually takes a couple of days to a week depending on the circumstances.  The rescue attempts to keep each applicant up

      to date on the status of their review.  


Q:  What does it mean to foster?

A:    Happy Tails rescues dogs & cats, as well as some small animals such as birds, hamsters, reptiles, and bunnies.  You choose the type of

       animal you wish to foster, as well as how many fosters you want at a time.  We foster out of our own homes, so you would be

       expected to keep the animal until a forever home is found.  Happy Tails pays for pre-approved vet bills.  A foster person is expected

       to show their fosters (dogs and cats) at the St. Clair Shores Pet Supplies Plus on Saturdays as well as to be part of the adoption process.


Q:  Why should I foster?

A:    Fostering animals until they find their new family is a very rewarding experience.  There are too many animals that are in need of a

      second chance. Knowing you helped to find an animal a new home is a great feeling.  


Q:  How do I sign up to be a foster?

A:   You can sign up to be an animal foster by emailing Happy Tails at happytailsrescue@yahoo.com or calling the 

      voicemail at 586-296-8755.   Please also fill out an adoption application so that we can have some basic information about you.  In

      the spot for “Animal”, just enter the type of animal you wish to help.  In the spot for “Animal Name”, please indicate that you would

      like to foster.

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